A day in the life of a High class escort

Hello, welcome to my blog. I want to give an insight on how I spend most days as a high class Trinidad escort/High class London escort.( I spend half the year in Trinidad and the other half of the year in London) You can learn more about my whereabouts by following this high class Trinidad/ London escort on Twitter.)

A typical day in my life starts early. When I am in Trinidad and Tobago, I usually wake up at 5 A.M. I lay in my bed and thing about everything that I am grateful for. Then I say a few affirmations and get off the bed. I drink some water; I tidy myself and get started on making a nutritious breakfast (which I don't eat until after my morning run). I have responsibilities and commitments (like any non- escorting human being does), so I sort things out there, then I go for my morning run. When I return home to my apartment I have my breakfast , check and respond to emails, do my social post on Instagram for my non-escort related businesses (I sometimes also post for my escort profiles as well, but YES, high class escorts have proper lives outside of the clandestine community of being high class escorts, whether it's in Trinidad and Tobago or London England; we have hobbies, families, businesses, jobs etc; just like other non-escorting human beings.)

I then tackle my tasks for the day. Most of my day involves non-escort related tasks (High end escorts are real people; we DON'T sit around waiting for calls by the phone). Classy Trinidad escorts carry on with their day and meet with high calibre men only by advanced appointment (using our preferred way of communication; my preferred way is email contact, then WhatsApp communication). I really prefer email and WhatsApp communications with clients because, luxury escorts have lives and are in the good environments where it's not the classiest to be on the phone having an audible conversation about booking an appointment. Of course, professional men who value discretion surely pay attention to the ads of high-end escorts and do not break the rules by calling without permission. High end London escorts, like myself, feel immense appreciation when clients (existing and new) follow our rules and try to really wow us. High class escorts really like respectful, professional men, who are clean, relaxed, have good manners and are respectful of our time.

I have lunch, keep my appointments (both escorting and non-escort related appointments) and finish up my day (having responsibilities and commitments and all). I then check emails again before bed and reflect on the amazing day I just had.

Now you have an idea of what upscale escorts do during the day most of the time. I hope this was an interesting read for you. To be notified when I post again on this blog, you may subscribe to my newsletter for email updates of when I post and whereabouts I am in the world at any given time.

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