The SCOOP on escorts girls and hotels in Trinidad and Tobago

Gentlemen, most of my clients are first-time visitors to Trinidad and Tobago. I've listened to their concerns relating to DISCRETION, and finding a lovely lady of class here in Trinidad.

Here are a few things that you should know about:

*Choosing the right hotel

Most of my clients visit with a team of persons who stay at the same hotel, they want to have a clandestine meeting with an escort girl and avoid prying eyes. My suggestion would be to choose a

hotel such as the Radisson Hotel, or the Kapok Hotel, because they allow for the girls to go directly to your hotel room number and knock on your door.

Other hotels that are popular are the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the CourtYard Marriott Hotel, but these latter hotels require a room key for elevator use, hence, the girl would require you to meet her at the elevators or in the lobby, at the bar, atm, bathroom etc.

I would suggest that if you are staying at the Hyatt, Hilton or the Marriott and want a clandestine encounter with an escort girl, that you consider the elevators or the bar. If you meet at the bar, you can slip the 2nd room key to her in a napkin and have her meet you at the room. If you meet at the elevators, she can follow you into the elevators and proceed to the room with you.

P.S Be sure to tell the escort what color you are wearing and vice versa to avoid any embarrassing mix-ups.

*Choosing the right girl

After listening to my clients, I know that most men prefer an independent escort girl to agency girls. You want to choose an independent escort girl who has some experience and who will be prepared. Find an escort girl who has good reviews and who seems reliable. Choose a classy lady who will arrive and blend in, by dressing appropriately and knows what she's doing and also knows her way around the hotels.She should at least know where the elevators are, for absolute discretion.

*Preferred currency and ATMs

I personally prefer USD and GBP and Euros as a form of donation. Also Transfers to my paypal account as well as my UK bank account is acceptable upon arrival. Other escort girl may prefer to be paid in TTD or GBP.

I know that there is an ATM at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago, The Radisson Hotel, and the Hilton Hotel and conference center. If you need to withdraw money, you certainly can. Money at the ATMs will be in TTD currency.



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